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Hearts intertwined, bonded only by the faint resonance of their spirits. Never having met, never having fallen helplessly lost into the gaze of the other’s eyes. Both yet touched by the purest form of magic:


At it’s core, Sorcerer’s Showdown is about bonds and connections. The story centers around a Sorcerer and Sorceress, who amid the countless stars and magical wonders of the universe happen upon each other. They can’t see one another, save for a faint glimmering of the spirit, but they can sense each other and see the changes in the magical universe as their spells dance across the threads.

They can feel the power of The Weave growing around them, bursting with new threads and life, blossoming at a single touch of their combined magic.Yet for all of their knowledge of spells and enchantments, neither is sure what power is overcoming them as their thoughts fall increasingly to the other. They retrace every charm, each incantation, and every graceful movement of the other’s spirit. Moments together in The Weave seem to pass in an instant, while time apart passes slowly as if torture for their longing. 

A bond formed in beauty, though not that of the physical world, rather from a beauty of soul and action. And before either heart could hope to resist, they fall in love.



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