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A journey through a universe where magic and beauty come alive to the melodic tones of dreams and fate.

Sorcerer’s Showdown is a story driven tale in the guise of a space rail shooter: You are a Sorcerer, the spaceship personified, traveling about the magical cosmos of The Weave. Embark on a journey to see the wonders of the magical world, fill your imagination with the music of the universe, and use your magic abilities to interact with The Weave’s threads.

  • Explore - The vast reaches of the universe come alive at your fingertips. Visit far off stars, escape the torrential fires of a dying planet, and witness the majestic rebirth of a phoenix.
  • Listen - Music evolves and progresses in direct relation to your actions in the game. Characters in each scene play melodic themes, each representing a specific instrument, musical styling, or symphonic section such as woodwinds, brass, and strings.
  • Combat - Use your magical array of spells and abilities to defend The Weave against an onslaught of corrupted spells, tainted spirits, and dark Sorcerers.
  • Puzzle Solving - Align the stars and threads of fate to advance your progress, create connections to new fabrics of the weave, unravel the magical storybook of the tale, and discover hidden areas.

Core Game Modes

  • Story (Single Player Campaign) - An immersive event based solo campaign designed around the main events of Sorcerer’s Showdown, as told from the perspective of a young hero separated from his true love by the devious schemes of an evil Sorcerer.



  • Showdown (Local Split-screen Versus) - Grab up to three friends and compete with each other in a magical contest of spellcasting and manipulation of The Weave. Duel your fellow Sorcerers in magical arenas based on Story Campaign locations, strategize your interactions with the arena environments to gain an upper-hand, and wear down your opponents magical defenses as you attempt to overcome their formidable spells.



Stretch Game Modes and Bonus Features

  • Female Protagonist Alternate Character - Take control of the Sorceress, the heroine of our tale. An alternate character to play through the hero’s single-player campaign with.
  • Female Protagonist Story (Single Player Campaign) - More than just an alternate character to play through the original Single Player Campaign, this stretch goal gives the Sorceress her very own tale, allowing the full realization of the solo story-line and creation of brand new levels and assets. A full campaign telling the amazing story of the heroine and her struggles on that fateful day in The Weave; an adventure every bit as thrilling as the journey of her love. Also includes bonus arenas for the Showdown game mode, featuring locales from the new campaign.


  • Bonus Characters for Local Multiplayer - A complete set of alternate characters for players to choose from during local multiplayer gaming sessions. Four (4) Sorcerers and four (4) Sorceresses, each with their own specialized style of magic.
  • The Order and The Coven Story (Local Couch-Co-Op Campaign) - Grab three friends and team up to explore the final piece of The Weave’s puzzle and unravel the full story of the events taking place on that fateful day. You’ll experience a co-operative 4-player story campaign that details both sides of the conflict between the Evil Sorcerer’s allies, The Coven, and the best friends of the hero, The Order. Work together to solve puzzles and cast massive spells to assist your comrades from the Solo Story campaign, climaxing in an all out battle for control of The Weave. Also includes bonus arenas for the Showdown game mode, featuring locales from the final campaign.




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